Black Friday Goodness

Saturday, November 30, 2013

As I'm sitting here typing this post, this is what's going on in the bed next to me.  I couldn't resist giving you a glimpse of how our evening ended.  Let's rewind a bit to see what wore all of us out!
I love this man. I love this gal.  (her dolls too)

We are NOT "Black Friday" Shoppers. No way would I ever have imagined this gal of mine would have talked Erick and I into going to Target. Absolutely nuts I thought.

We have had a trip planned for the American Girl Store on Sunday for "Brunch with Santa and your doll".  I figured between her AG party just two days ago and the brunch, it would have pretty much been enough for all of us when it comes to the dolls, but I guess I was wrong.

Becca found out that at Target, all of the OG Dolls and accessories were buy 1, get one 50% off and we were all pretty much sold.  Tonight we picked up the RV Camper, the Jeep, a Scooter, a Camping/Hiking Set, the "Alice" Doll and a pet dog.  Go big or go home right? It was a good deal.

Her AG collection is literally beginning to take over her room.  This is the "doll house" Erick built her for her birthday. It's floor to ceiling, 6 rooms with interchangeable backgrounds/themes. Some rooms have real linoleum and Pergo flooring.

The list of accessories/furniture she has is pretty much endless.  It's really fun to just stand in her room and take in this magical little world.

She was so excited to get all of her new things out of their boxes and into their appropriate places within the house. 

Needlesstosay, She's already outgrown this doll house that is 8ft wide 7ft tall. He's already making plans on how to extend it to wrap around her entire room.

Welcome to the family, "Alice". I'm sure we'll have many wonderful adventures with you.

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